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So wonderful! Do they eat next to each other? I have been feeding the dogs all separately since they are all still getting to know each other. We've had the puppy just over 2 weeks and Bo came home Friday! It's going really well though I would say. The first night Bo was doing the escape artist wandering everybody talks about. We walked the perimeter a couple times and now he mostly likes to follow me and wait by the door if I'm inside. I know he will be transferring more to time with the flock but I'm happy he's bonded to me! The puppy Delilah is completely submissive to him so he should be able to keep her in line no problem. She was chewing on my daughters rain boots today and he did something (I didn't see it) to get her to stop. I heard a Yelp and saw her running away from the boots!

I sat in the chicken area (armed with a bamboo stick) with Bo by my side and Delilah restrained in my lap for a while today. The chickens did their thing but never approached us. Delilah didn't tense up to chase ever though either. Maybe the extra space and presence of two dogs plus me is enough to keep the rouge hen in line!

Thank you so much for your input! These forums are very helpful!! Do you have a favorite training book specific to LGD? I keep finding, all about them, do I need one, or pet info. I did join a couple great Facebook groups and found some helpful articles online though.


They can and they do when they are eating kitchen scraps and such, but I normally don't feed them next to one another because it seems to make them eat even faster than they normally do.  :lol:   I make a point of training my dogs on food aggression from the day they get here, training them on little kids coming near them while they eat( I even train my roosters on this grandkid can do anything in the coop or around the feeder and the rooster just ignores), on me or anyone reaching into their food bowl or even taking their food away.  Ben responds even better than my old dog, Jake, does...when I place my hand in his feed bowl, Ben will back up and sit down and wait for me to remove my hand.  Very polite dog.  I do this every now and again to gauge if there are any changes in their feeding behavior as they age or/and sexually mature. 


It sounds like you got a real diamond with that Bo and he'll likely do much of the training of your pup for you and that's a huge blessing!  That just leaves you for training on basic obedience and a little on how to act around the chickens, but I'm betting she'll learn much of that just by watching Bo. 


I never read any books on training, but have seen this or that vid on YT down through the years and decided what I thought made sense and what didn't.  Most I just make up as I go along, watching my older dogs and how they train the younger dogs and such.  I also decide what I want to happen and then try to figure out how to convey that want or need to the dog.  I'm still learning as I go along, but I'd have to say my biggest guide on training has been the Lord.  I ask Him for guidance and wisdom on such matters and He gives it and guides me in learning more. 


I've found there are a lot of ingrained ideas and advice about training LGDs that I don't really agree with, so I try not to depend on those sources that repeat that kind of advice.  There's things to learn from many sources but I'd pick and choose what seems wise in your own situation. 


I wish you well and will be watching this thread to learn about your progress! 

A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.  Proverbs 12:10

A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.  Proverbs 12:10