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Suspected Bumbblefoot

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Today I noticed my Rooster limping.  When I examined his feet I noticed a black rock like scab.   I suspect it is bumblefoot, but am not certain.  Is it Bumblefoot?   Suspected Bumblefoot

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Welcome to BYC, it could be bumble did you try to wash it off.

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I found it a few minutes before it got dark and did not have time to do a proper cleaning.  Thinking it was a piece of glass or sharp stone, I tried to pull it off with tweezers, but it was hard to get a hold of, and would not come off.  Tomorrow I will do a proper cleaning and examination.

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Did it come off today?

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After a long soaking and alot of scraping it came off.  Its not bumbblefoot!  I was very relieved that I did not have to do an operation.:yesss:     He is still walking weird, but I am beginning to suspect that might be because his spurs.   The way he walks really isn't a limp, now that I look at it.  He moves one leg out to the side then swings it up high before putting it down.

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Haha that's great that he didn't have bumble, so what if your little rooster has a little swagger to his step, it gives him character.

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