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Day Old Chick Gasping for Air

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I am a first time chicken mom and yesterday we picked up 5 day old chicks from our local TSC. 4 are healthy, lively and running around. The 5th one, we were told that she choked on a piece of bedding at the store and that she was having trouble breathing. They were the last ones in the group so we took all of them hoping the struggling one would pull through.


She made it through the night but she is open mouth breathing and laying down. It seems like she wants to get up and walk around but cant. She will stand up and then lay back down. At some points she will get up and walk around fine. She is eating, drinking and pooping normally from what I can see. Temp in brooder is normal at 90... all other chicks are running around happy as can be. I left for work this morning and I am hoping she will be alright until I get home.


Any suggestions on what I can do to help her?

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Feel of her crop, right side of upper chest, to see if it hard and full, which could indicate an impacted crop. Force feed electrolyte water (such as SaveAChick) as often as possible by dipping it's beak. If the crop is impacted massage it often to help break up the impaction. The water can help. Unfortunately when chicks start to look ill, they can get worse very quickly. I hope she makes it.

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Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I'm still at work for a few more hours. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she is still fighting at home.

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