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Chicken sitting strange

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Our chicken has been sitting strangely for the last five or six days. She walks normally and is eating and drinking. She has not laid eggs since this fall. Thank you all for your help.
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Welcome to BYC. I can't tell much being abnormal with the picture. Is she walking upright? Can you describe more how she is sitting? Does she sit on her hocks or elbows? Does she tend to sit a lot?

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Yes, that is it! I wasn't sure how to describe it, but she is sitting on her hocks. She might be sitting a little bit more than normal, but not much. The chicken at the top of the pecking order has definitely noticed her strange behavior. Thank you so much for responding!
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I would start some poultry vitamins that contain riboflavin (vitamin B 2.) Are her toes on either foot curled under?

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Thank you, I have ordered vitamins. Her toes might be slightly turned under compared to the other chickens. She is definitely walking with her feet turned in.
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Let us know if she has any further symptoms or changes, and if she responds to the vitamins. Note that rarely some vitamins don't contain riboflavin, Poultry Nutridrench for one. Mareks disease, an injury, or internal laying might also cause the walking on hocks, but hopefully she will respond to vitamins.

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