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That happened to my poor baby and i started off doing the exact thing as you are doing with the soaking and wrap it up if your duck is going outside. I never squeezed anything out of it or anything because she was in pain.  Another thing i did was i injected cleocin (clindamycin) right into the spot and she ended up healing quicker  than i thought she would. You will have to talk to your vet to see if they will give you that antibiotic. 

We made an appointment with the closest exotics/avian vet.  Unfortunately since she's the closest, she has lots of patients and can't see us until next week.  Unfortunately I don't have time or money to be able to go in as an emergency.  In the meantime we'll be soaking and vetericyn-ing her foot.  She is eating and drinking water though, pooping normal.  So at least it hasn't gotten tooooooo too serious.  I hope it stays that way!

Glad you can take her in. Call them back and ask them to call you if they have any cancellations.