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Black/white mold around nest boxes

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I noticed some black/white mold around the sides of our nest boxes today.  I think we must have some rainwater coming in when opening the nest boxes for cleaning access or for egg checking.


What would be the best way to deal with it without overreacting? 1. Clean with vinegar or with bleach and let it air out (Is bleach chicken safe?) 2) Hire a professional to deal with it (and board the chickens) or 3) scrap the coop as contaminated? Considered it's a prefabbed one, this coop has done a remarkably good job of keeping the chickens safe and dry during some nasty weather. That being said, I don't want it to keep it if it's going to be a health issue.

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Don't get toooooo worried and take option #1.       When it all dries out, It will be chicken safe.

Initially just try and wipe the affected area with a rag moistened with ether vinegar, or bleach.  Best to use rubber gloves so your hands don't get  skin rash from the bleach.   If you need heavier cleaning, then mainline higher doses.


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Thanks for your reply.  My parents cleaned the lid up today, and my Dad put some ant mold primer on it, so I think we are in a waiting game to see if it grows back or not. 


A couple of followup questions I had - Is there any reason to the the mold primer (when dry and not giving off fumes) would harm the chickens?


Also, as far as prevention, please let me know if you have any advice on that - I was thinking maybe adding vent holes to the sides of the nest boxes or maybe adding an overhang of some kind to help keep the rain off.

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Vent holes are always best if high up in the coop.     Not good where they would cause drafts.    The overhang is probably your best option as it naturally keeps things dry .  Mold needs moisture. The drier the better.   Seal off anything that would allow water to enter. 


If the mold primer is dry,  I see no harm from it. 

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Thanks. I will see about getting an overhang built.  I think that's probably our best bet if we are going to get more use out of the coop.

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