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Coccidiosis, need clarity and help.

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Hi backyard chickeners,

I just got 2 new 6wk old chicks. Found blood in one of their poos. Tested positive to coccidiosis.

I have been searching and searching ol Google and can't seem to get a few questions answered, maybe you can help!

•How long do the oocysts survive in the soil? I've read up to 600 days!!

If this is true it brings me to my next question..

•how on earth do you decontaminate the soil? Dig it all up? Turn off all Sprinkles and dry it out? I am so spooked by what I've been reading I feel it's a hopeless case!

•once a chicken had been infecte and taken the antibiotics, CSV they get it again or rather more will their gut lining get destroyed. Or are they just carriers that will infect other birds, but be OK themselves.

I'm very confused. The vet I had didn't know that much. (I insisted he test the droppings I brought in from my chicken even though he said my chicken looked healthy. Low and behold - positive for coccidiosis.)

Getting antibiotics ordered in and in the mean time treating all my birds with medicated water for secondary infections that might arise. (Australia is a very affair to get medication for coccidiosis).

I'm so worried about my 2 original chickens. They have been exposed to the new chickens droppings.

ANY help, tips or info that you have would be a massive help!!

Hopefully my spelling is ok. I'm writting this on my phone and it goes wild with the auto correct.
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in my limited opinion if you catch the cocci early and treat they recover. it is all over the place so trying to decontaminate your soil seems pointless an prob impossible. the medication to use is Corrid or Sulmet. we get it here in US at feed stores. you put it in their water. i think the active ingredient is amprolium. that is what is in medicated chic feed. they build up a tolerance eventually to what your particular area has. an adult most likely will not get it unless they have a compromised immune system due to something else (Marrecks disease is one). most birds have some cocci in their guts. it is brought by wild birds so i stopped feeding the wild birds but they still get in my coop.....i have not had problems with it except when my original flock was infected with marrecks disease. call your feed stores and get them on Corrid or Sulmet. i heard Corrid is easier on the birds. good luck.

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I treated my chicks with corid powder, Tractor Supply Co sells it and its originally for cattle.  

Dosage below is per gallon, 2 quarts is half a gallon so you could divide these dosages by 2 and make smaller batches to keep it fresh, treat for 6-10 days and watch for progress by means of increased appetite and more activity.




The preventative dose (.006%) for Corid Powder is 1/3 teaspoon.


The moderate outbreak dose (.012%) for Corid Powder is 3/4 teaspoon.


The severe outbreak dose (.024%) for Corid Powder is 1.5 teaspoons



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Yeah, sadly no feed stores have it in Aus. It's by prescription only. I did a ring around today and one vet had it in stock and was willing to give me some without a prescription. (I called 4 different vets). I got coccivet, with it's active ingredient is amprolium.

I'm crossing my fingers the main chickie showing symptoms pulls through.

Thank you for your reply joydix. It has helped 🙂
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Ooh, thanks Braxton Brigade!! Just saw your post now.
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you are VERY welcome. let us know if chick pulls thru. 

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UPDATE: Bickwinn (splash Australorp) and Mollance (Blue Australorp) seem better.

Eating steadily, drinking, gaining weight.

They have been quarantined inside. They have had 7 days of coccivet and are now on anti biotics to clear up any static infections.

My only concern is there is still the odd slightly blood, muchos poop. But 90% of there poos look normal.

Any thoughts on how I should proceed? Should all blood be gone from the poo?

I guess the main question is, how will I know when that have recovered.
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I'd finish up the antibiotics and place them on probiotics. The blood could just be from their digestive track recovering from the damage, probiotics will help the good organisms in the gut and may help with the blood.
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