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New to Geese..need some suggestions

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So I have free range chickens outside with a coop. They are adjusted and go in at night and free range all day. I also have two baby goats. I recently acquired two Chinese brown geese and they are in the brooder with 4 other baby chicks. We are converting an unused sauna for our new coop and wondered about the shelter for the geese. Could they use the old chicken coop? I was looking into buying a large doghouse with an upper deck for the goats and wondered if the geese could cohabitate in the goat house? We have a fairly large fenced in area and wondered if I should put out a small kiddie pool for the geese? Will they be easy to integrate with my current chickens? Do I have to worry about fights/aggression? I am unsure of the gender of these geese thus far. I am in Texas and any information is appreciated!

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Geese are not particular in needs for coops with the exception of making it safe from predators. If it worked for the chickens it should work for the geese at night. Main differences are chickens like to roost and geese stay on the ground. Nesting and sleep are both done on the ground so make sure they have a good nest spot on the floor level and the floor is easy to clean.


As far as aggression goes, make sure they are introduced safely and encourage peacefulness between the species. Stand ready with a hose with a good sprayer and jet anyone who causes trouble to break up any fights at the beginning. Always supervise at the beginning. They can live well together or just war depending on the birds themselves but careful introductions early make a big difference. If there are problems you may have to have them separate. Mating season for the males is usually when any problems show up.


Kiddie pools work great. If you have one of those big ones I suggest going to a plumbing or hardware store and ask about how to install a drain and pvc pipe shut off valve. Its really easy. Little pools can just be lifted and emptied but it causes wear and tear so consider putting two together for strength. The bigger the pool the less you want to be heaving the sides or bailing with buckets. The bigger the pool the more the geese will like it. Where ever the pool is remember that its going to have to be drained. I move mine around to water my lawn and field. I use buckets of used water for flowers, trees and bushes. Lots of water so just be prepared.

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Thank you so much for they information. They seem to really enjoy the company of the chicks they are with now. Do you think having goats around will upset them?
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Goats and geese can do well together. My suggestion is the same for the goats as for introducing them to the adult birds. There is a thread you might like that is very similar to what your asking.

Here is what I said in post #6

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My neighbors geese spent time around their goats. Eating and sleeping rather close at times. They saw each other from the time the geese were goslings. There never seemed to be any issue between the goats and the geese that I saw.


Another person had adult geese and tossed them in with their goats. Apparently the geese who had never seen goats before didn't much care for the them and would chase and nip them till one day a goat turned around and butted the gander hard. The guy said the goat nearly killed the one gander with just the one butt. Once he healed up the geese and the goats lived peacefully in the same field by not invading each others space. Neither side wanted a war I guess.


I think the earlier in age they get used to the goats the less problems. It goes back to what I said about family/flock. The more they get used to other critters and people who treat them fairly when young then the better. They can remember individuals, animal or person, that are part of the bigger family that lives with/near them. Outside of breeding and raising the babies season the ganders are more tolerant. Come breeding season ganders brains turn to hormonal mush. They forget every thing except impressing, flirting and protecting the pretty girl geese. Even then they can respect the space of others and goats are  capable of standing their ground.

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I have my geese and goats fenced in together.  They all do great together unless I take snacks down the geese don't like sharing.  Mine aren't housed together though which I have to keep the geese house closed off all day because I can't keep the goats out of it.  Which is a pain.

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