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Funny conversations and embarrassing moments

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This is a thread for funny conversations and embarrasing moments. Whether you were involved, overheard it, or someone told you! Rules are:
•no cussing
•nothin too inappropriate
•no rudeness or meanness ( I've heard it in other threads. People can be seriously mean.)

I'll start.

When I was a little kid, I was walking down the isle in church, holding the statue of baby Jesus for the altar. Well, turns out, my pants were at my ankles the whole time.
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Ooops............. ha!


When i was a Young lad i bought an ice cream from the ice cream van and then tripped over and the whole lot squashed into my face.

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Ohhh!😖 dd the icecream man see?
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It was an attractive lady.Yeh she did see me. She laughed that much she said tears were running down her leg!!!

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Oh my gosh!!! I wouldn't be able to control myself.
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Mine is a comical conversation. About 15 years ago I was working as 2nd shift charge nurse. It was our habit for the nurses to buy dinner for the aids and support staff on occasions so I suggested we order carry out/delivery and said that Buffalo Wings sounded good. We could order a couple of buckets and have plenty. A consensus agreed with me so I called a near by eatery that offered carry out and asked them if if they had Buffalo Wings on hand for a large order. There was dead silence on the other end of the line. Finally the sweet young thing that had answered the phone replied, "Lady, buffaloes don't have wings". I almost lost it but managed to keep from bursting out in laughter long enough to explain to her what Buffalo Wings were and her response of "Oh, no, we don't' have those" before I hung up and told the nurse I was working with that it was time to be afraid, be very afraid.......

Living La Vida Loca!
Living La Vida Loca!
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When I was little, I wasn't paying attention, and started walking out a building with the wrong family...awkward...
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Just last night, we were at a party. I was eating my steak and I picked up a napkin to wipe my hands. Well I realized that I hadn't gotten a purple napkin. The guy next to me (who was very very rude and in thoughtful) had been blowing his nose with that napkin, an I knew it. He started whispering and giggling quite loudly to the girl next to him. (he was trying to impress her)I could here the whole darn thing. I will never forget that.
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I hope she realizes what an inconsiderate jerk he is now.
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