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3 week chick with a cold

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I have a 3-4 week old with what seems to be a cold. She sneezes, was gurgling when chirping and now I can hear her breathing (though her beak is still closed). As of now we are treating with vet rx. Can a chick get a cold or respiratory infection and if so, does anyone have a suggestion on how to treat it?
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I will try to help you here the best I can..   Here is a copy and past from a different site that may be useful.   Also the source page link is included.  Cavemanrich is not a plagiarist.

Treatment: Separate the ailing chick and try a squirt of saline solution for a few days to clear debris out of the eyes. Sometimes that is all it takes. If symptoms continue, chopped fresh basil, clover, dill and thyme all aid respiratory health. (Respiratory illness that doesn’t clear up in a week or so or continues to get worse can signal a serious illness and a vet should be consulted.)




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The weird thing is that there is no discharge from her eyes or beak. Does that make a difference?
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I  Have had chickens for almost 19 or 20 years. Always a small number and as pets only.    I did have some chickens get sick.   Some did not make it. :hit But most did.   One  treatment was to give them  GOOD NUTRITION and I put in some extra vitamins into their food.   Not sure if that was what helped, but it sure did not hurt.

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There are many, many causes of respiratory illness in chickens that you could throw all the specific treatments at her and none of them may stick. In the absence of a proper diagnosis (generally by a vet), you can really only offer the non-specific, immune-bolstering care in hopes that the chick fights it off herself. This includes good nutrition +/- vitamin supplements, probiotics, prebiotics, good husbandry (keep chick warm, out of drafts, but well-ventilated), etc. and so forth.
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could in possibly be dust around where she is brooded? Chicks create a LOT of dust,very Fine dust and if you don't know they have a different respiratory system them we do. we only have two lungs, they have more (true do a online search) so they can be especially sensitive to fine particles . make sure her area is as free as possible of the fine dust because it can be a irritation to her respiratory system. if you do suspect illness over dust watch for wheezing coughing and mucus. if she gets worse you can try Tylan as a antibotic. you likely will find Chick dose online or in the forum. if it's not viral the antibiotics will help, if it is viral the antibiotics won't kill the virus but CAN prevent deadly secondary infection. I really hope this helps. Best wishes to you and your chick. I hope she gets better really soon.
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