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Which waterer?

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I like the bottom one how many birds are u going to have though for those waterers
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Getting some nipples, drilling a few holes in a bucket is a lot cheaper! 



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I have 15 now.
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Ok well u might have to get two of them or buy one of each and see which one u like better
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For a cooler like that to be useful you would have to be adding ice daily, and wouldn't be useful in winter because the nipples would be too far from the heat mass of the water to stay liquid much below freezing.


IMO horizontal nipples in a cheap plastic container are best.  You could buy 2 5 gallon buckets retain with lids and 10 nipples for the $27 pricetag on the one you linked, 2 5gallon buckets with 3 nipples each would serve you well just requires a drilling holes.

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