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Breed please!!!

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I got some bantam chicks and I am trying to find out what type they are. Any ideas?
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Feathered feet...could it be a Cochin? How many toes do they have?

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They have 4.
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Did you order them from a hatchery? If so, which one? Might help to know what they offer as far as bantam breeds.

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With 4 toes that rules out Silkies so maybe they are Cochin bantams...(I love my Cochin bantams! lol so that's what I think of first) Maybe someone else will reply with some other ideas

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O.K. Thanks a bunch.
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No, they came from TSC.
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You're welcome :) 

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And at TSC they just label theirs as "bantams". They get theirs from a hatchery, but I don't know which hatchery. Hmmm... I'll have to think some more about possibilities of breed.

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