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There are only 2 commercial hatcheries that sell ameraucana. Cackle sells blacks and Meyer sells blue, black, splash. Everyone else plus those 2 are selling EEs. EEs are not hatchery ameraucana because they only use random blue and green egg gene rooster over better laying brown egg hens.

Look at it another way. These hatcheries breed BR hens to BR roosters. They result in HATCHERY quality BR chicks. The chicks stray from the SOP from non selective breeding and culling but they are still BR. When you breed an ameraucana rooster to a BR, sex linked or an EE hen you don't magically create an ameraucana but you do produce a mutt.
If you understand the difference, it is a disservice to the breeders who have worked for decades to develop the breed all the way down to the first time chicken owner who doesn't understand the difference to call them anything but what they are EEs.
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