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Muscovy keeping eyes shut

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I noticed last night that one of my female muscovys was holding her one eye shut. She ate like normal and was socializing like usual. Today she is holding both eyes shut and when she does open them shes blinking her third eyelid a lot. Shes not as interested in food as she usually is and she pretty much wanted to stay sitting in some leaves. There is no discharge, her actual eyes look normal but above her eyelid may be a little swollen and looks like dry skin. I did notice alot of her tail feathers are missing but otherwise she appears okay. There has been some aggressive chasing by the males lately, in general.

I brought her in and rinsed her eyes with saline solution, put ointment on them and gave her a few drops of nutri-drench. Shes resting in the den now and Ill check on her in a few hours.

Is there anything else I can do? Anyone seen this before and have any idea what might have caused it?
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My favorite Barred Rock is having similar symptoms this morning. She looks fine except she doesn't want to keep her eyes open. She opens them for just a second then closes them again. There isn't any swelling or dry skin, maybe she just doesn't want to wake up yet!
How did your muscovy make out with her eye ailment?
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I ended up rinsing her eyes with saline solution and wiping around her eyes, and then I liberally applied terramycin eye ointment to both of her eyes. I also gave her a few drops of nutri drench straight in her mouth for good measure. I let her rest in my den for about 6 hours and then reapplied the terramycin and put her back in the flock. By the next morning she was perfectly fine. I also put apple cider vinegar with mother in their water at 1 tbsp per gallon, I hear its a tonic for ducks and chickens. Goodluck with your barred rock, I hope she gets better!
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Glad she is doing well!! I gave my whole flock apple cider vinegar the first day. The next day I gave them a vitamin and electrolytes mixture in their water. My sick Barred Rock is doing better but still isn't quite herself. Definitely improving though.
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