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Chicken Ate a Rubber Lure??

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She didn't eat a hook.
My chicken ate one of these. I tried getting it away from her but she tipped her head back and horked it down. She's still eating and drinking but I'm a little bit worried. It was an older one, really brittle. I'm hoping she just poops it out but what should I watch for?
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I would watch her for not wanting to eat or drink. Chickens eat hardware a lot, and it remains in the gizzard most of the time. They also eat foam insulation without problems. You could isolate her in a crate and monitor her droppings for a few days. You could try giving her a laxative, such as 1/2 tsp of castor oil, or some molasses or an epsom salt flush. Let us know what happens.

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Thank you, @Eggcessive! I'll monitor her. She ate a bunch today after eating it, and got a big drink,too, but I'll definitely keep an eye on her. How much Epsom salt should I mix up? I've got a big bag of it and can give her some in the morning.
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With an epsom salts flush, you can given1 tsp in a cup of water twice a day  for  3 days, according some posts. I think it would be more simple to use the castor oil or even some molasses, since epsom salts tastes bad, and she may not drink it.

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The same chicken keeps eating plastics and earlier today tried to strip a sparrow of his feathers before I rescued the poor thing. I don't know what to do?? She's a heck of a lot faster than me and hides underneath things I can't reach her under. She's the only hen I have that does this. Is this a behavior issue now or her just literally eating everything she can??
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It's so weird. My other hens might find a piece of plastic and peck it, but drop it when they see its not food. She eats everything and anything. sad.png
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She may have some sort of mineral deficiency, or she may just be an aggressive eater. You have to keep their ranging area free of debris and small objects. I live on an old farm with old broken glass and metal that constantly come through the ground especially when the ground is frozen. I keep a coffee can to place objects in there, and I always get rid of string and plastic from feed bags. They will eat almost anything, and especially metal hardware. 

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Every time I go out, I never see what she manages to find until she's already got it in her beak. I've been picking everything up that I see, but I guess they're scratching it up out of the soil. This house/property is old.. I may burn the leaves on the fence line and anything hidden in there. She's eating the same thing my other hens are and they just don't gobble down plastic. One even found old spray foam, broke off a piece and dropped it to eat grass. I guess she's just an aggressive eater. She's still eating and drinking past a fishing lure and hard, old plastic. hmm.png I debated on making her vomit but I don't want her to choke
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Well, as an update, my chicken is fine. She's eating and drinking, and pooping. So I'm assuming everything is fine.
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