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I have a gorgeous bronze breath Tom with my 6 roos. He protects them like no other. No cats or hawks are touching my girls. Unfortunately I live in the city. I just had my first complaint about my Tom gobbling. Does anyone know if the No crow roo collar would work on a turkey? He's total pet status and I would rather not part with him. Any help is much appreciated


What variety of turkey? Were the chickens raised with the turkey? How old? Don't think there is a mechanical "no gobble" device on the market (maybe a member has cobbled together something?

Depending on the patience of the complainant, could be matter of waiting it out:

We are in the boonies so our toms' gobbling in response to the most distant sirens of emergency vehicles is no big deal. Though frequency of gobbling does, in general, follow the timeline illustrated in article linked to, ours exhibit a pretty complicated relationship with the human derived soundscape, e.g., fire rifle next to them? No gobbling, slamming car doors? No gobbling, loud conversation? No gobbling, whistle a tune while raking runs? loud gobbling, above mentioned sirens/B2 bombers out of Whiteman AFB flying training patterns? can hear both before humans can and gobble until they can no longer be heard. Having a jake/tom in town could be problematic.