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Hen with mareks

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I have a hen with mareks that has survived 2 weeks , she got it first then another one that died but she is still alive. Is she worth trying to nurse back to health or just cull her. I figured she survived this long that she is putting uo a fight. She eats and drinks on her own and poops out really healthy looking poop thats big and normal colors . She cant stand due to perilysis and hangs a wing to the side.
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I'm sorry you are having trouble.

Could you possibly have one tested to make sure Marek's is what you are dealing with?

I do recommend that you read at least the first link provided. It is long, but has useful information, a good overview of Marek's and other illnesses/disorders that have similar symptoms/signs of Marek's. As far as what to do, that will ultimately be your decision. Marek's can survive for a long time in the environment, so there will be a risk of other birds getting it in the future, this is also covered in the same article.

Hope it helps.

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