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Age for guinea fowl to breed...

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I have 12 guinea keets about 3 to 7 weeks & there are at least 3 cock birds & 7 hen birds. I was watching them today & that is what I could figure out by there calls. Will find out more within a week or so. Just would like to know at what age they start breeding. At what age are the cocks to be able to be fertile to breed & what age do hens start to lay. I'm going to keep a few to breed with & see what happens.

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not sure when males become fertile


but hens usually start laying around 6 months old - you'll see the odd egg laying around the coop floor here and there - it takes them a bit longer to make a nest and they prefer to nest outside in a hidden area - but in our environment would get eaten if I let them go broody there - the nests can't be moved as they bond to the location, not the eggs - the only way I figured out to get them to lay inside yet, is to lock them in their coop until they laid their egg and "make them" establish a nesting site inside - I do provide several secluded corners and areas that I cover with some natural materials (brush, etc.)


if they do establish a nest inside, it is best not to disturb them - not even look at them on the nest - and if you need to go in and take something out, be prepared for an attack from the mother - I wear long sleeves and goggles and try to gently push the hens aside with a large piece of cardboard first, moving very slowly - introducing the cardboard in the area very carefully and not showing them the broad side first - they are very nervous and defensive around the nest, but we managed 4 seasons so far with keets and almost no injuries (Pirate got run over by mom when I tried to remove him and he got his eye scratched - but it healed with a scar)


if the hens start laying in the winter, they will usually stop again and start up in the spring and only lay in the summer, as Guineas do


I am new to the chicken forum and we only have Guineas - was surprised to hear about chickens that stop laying at 2-3 years old


our Guineas are 4 years old and in the prime of life ;)


phew - maybe you didn't wanna read that much of my 2 cents worth :)

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Ok, thanks for the info. Cheers,

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