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Ostrich stress!

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Hi. Just bought 3 ostriches and the male has now been sitting for 2 days. Have to feed him and he is not eating himself. Is this perhaps stress from the transport?
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could be, sit some water in front of him with some electrolytes ( Gatorade will be fine )  in it or if you have the powered form you can put a healthy dose of them wrapped up in some lettuce to feed him.

Has he tried to stand at all?  Maybe he has a badly hurt leg or foot.

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Thanks for the info. We are now feeding him with some lucern tablets that I made fine and mixed with water. He is taking this in. Also drinking water as I placed this next to him. We were 4 trying to get him up and moving earlier. Inspected the legs but can not feel anything out of the ordinary. But as soon as you leave him he goes down. Does not stand by himself at all. It is really weird. Will give him some electrolytes but I am starting to think something more severe is wrong. I even had my dogs close to him and he got upset. Tried to get up once and could not even lift himself. I am not sure what is happening here!
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It sounds like you do have a lot more going on there, possibly internal injuries and am so sorry to hear it.

Were you there when the bird was captured and did you transport it yourself, any idea if something happened during either of those situations?

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curious how the bird is doing... thinking maybe impaction is another possibility.

Hopefully whoever you got them from can give you some hands on help with the situation or a nearby avian vet !

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