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Please Help Bantam.

Poll Results: Take her out of the coop?

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My Bantam Silver Seabright isn't using her right leg. She just has it up in front of her and the foot is all curled up. When I try to put it down on the ground she flaps her wings and jerks it back up. What should I do??

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This morning when I go to check on her she doesn't even peep when I pick her up and she was floppy and sleepy. I hope she isn't going to die :(

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I had the same thing happen with two of my birds I haven't figured out what it is yet but I think it could be as simple as a vitamin b issue or something worse. Is this the only bird with symptoms? What do the eyes look like are the normal looking?
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Oreo (her name) is the only one with the symptoms. Her eyes look normal but she is hiding in the corner of our coop... should I take her out?? I haven't seen any blood on her so I don't think she is getting pecked... I do have a rooster too.


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Could she have possibly jumped off the roost and landed funny?
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I'm dealing with the same thing currently... it took me a few days but i think i narrowed it down to what it could be... does the leg look swollen or bruised? I've provided my girl some vitamins and some quiet time with some baby aspirin and daily epson salt soaks and after 2 days i have seen some improvement..

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No the leg looks normal except for that she is holding it up and in front of her.

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Maybe... but that was 4 days ago... Maybe it was a tendon that she pulled??

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Could you possibly get an x ray?
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No I don't think so My vet would be too far away for that and I don't have that kind of money.

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Ok. Can you try to make a splint out of a ruler, foam, and some ace bandage? Maybe that would help. Can you call the vet and ask about some things you could do? Normally they don't charge for the calls. Hope she's Better soon!!! Good luck!!!
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