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Poll Results: Take her out of the coop?

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Okay thanks

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Originally Posted by PlusWings View Post

No the leg looks normal except for that she is holding it up and in front of her.

I would separate her and give he limited space to move so she doesn't injure it further and give it time to heal....vitamins,  epson salt soaks, and a baby aspirins & some time and some more time... her appetite is good right?

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Originally Posted by PlusWings View Post


My Bantam Silver Seabright isn't using her right leg. She just has it up in front of her and the foot is all curled up. When I try to put it down on the ground she flaps her wings and jerks it back up. What should I do??

PlusWings <3



This morning when I go to check on her she doesn't even peep when I pick her up and she was floppy and sleepy. I hope she isn't going to die :(

She died Today Don't know why. 

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Oh im so sorry to hear this...i hope you can have some comfort knowing that you tried to help her...

RIP little bantam silver seabright. 

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Oh I'm so sorry. It makes me sooooo sad when any animal dies. Especially chikens and dogs. 😞😣😢😭😫😩
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