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Sweet Roo, Any Help ASAP!

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He was fine a couple days ago... Today we found him in the coop, Lethargic, eyes closed uninterested in any food or water.

He does have lice, which I put some DE under his wings to help with. He has lost quite a bit of weight and now isn't holding his head up except every few minutes it's as if he tries.

Wgen we brought him in a couple hours ago I got him to eat a few pieces of vans by setting small bits in his beak then he would eat them. He is cold as well, so I have a warm water bottle under him now and a warm towel around him.

Is there anything I can do?
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He has no discharge by his nose or eyes, and is breathing deeply and easily. He is just so weak, I don't want to lose him. He is 5 1/2 years old.
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It was Banana not vans that I got him to eat a few pieces of, some of it via a few drops at a time mixed with water.
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Can he move his legs or wings? Can you bring him inside to warm up and observe him closely? He needs some electrolytes and vitamins in his water, and needs help getting some into him. Pedialyte or Gatorade will work, or add a tsp of sugar and a pinch of salt to a liter of water. He could be dehydrated, be suffering from wry neck, or if he can't move his legs and wings, possibly botulism from eating dead animal remains. Moldy feed could also be a possibility. Have you added any new birds? Tomorrow get some vitamins with electrolytes, and add a bit of egg to his feed for selenium.

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No new birds, he has been inside since the moment I found out about his condition, I have a hot water bottle on his feet under his chest, not too hot of course.

He can move and kick his feet. He just seems so very weak. He was holding his head up when I brought him in, he's just not now.

I sent someone out for pedialyte, they should be back with it any minute.
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So I gave him some pedialyte via big syringe a few drops at a time. He started to shake his head to fend me off about half way through which is so much better than earlier, he even open his eyes and made a little angry noise! Yet he's sleeping again with his head hanging.

I went through and checked their feed, nice clean and dry, they've been in the pen the last week because of deep snow so he wouldn't have gotten a hold of anything dead, or mushrooms and the like.

We keep the coops clean and warm with fresh unfrozen water twice or more daily.
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Keep after him with the electrolytes. Vitamin E and selenium are good for wry neck, but he sounds more like he is just to weak to hold up his head. Chopped egg, tuna, or other good protein foods in addition to feed soaked in water is very good for him to tempt him to eat. Let us know how he is doing later. Make sure that he has lice, mot mites which can make him very weak and anemic.

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