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Sevin Dust

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About a year ago my flock had mites, so I used sevin dust to try and kill the mites. A few days later after that, my rooster got sick. He couldn't walk and when he tried he would fall back down. When I noticed this, we separated him from the rest of the flock and a few days later he died. We weren't really sure at the moment how he did, but we figured he could of had Merek's disease.

This past week, I found out that our flock had lice. I did some research and read some more about sevin dust (Had mostly good reviews) and decided to try it again. I only used it once this week and the rest we used DE on my whole flock. Just today my hen started to lose balance and now can barely walk.

Does anyone think this could be from the sevin dust? and Did anyone else get similar results when using sevin dust?
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I have used sevin dust many times for years without a problem. Now I would probably switch to permethrin since sevin can cause cancer, but I doubt that it caused the illness in your flock. If you lose another, I would get a necropsy by sending in the refrigerated body to your state vet, to look for Mareks.

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Okay, thank you for replying! I might just have to do that.

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