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What should we feed our chickens when molting & can the other chickens that are not molting eat the same thing?

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I feed extra BOSS and higher protein cracked grain

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In a perfect world, I would say that you should provide the hens that are molting with Purina Flock Raiser.  This will help them regrow their feathers and doesn't have a high level of calcium in it.  Hens that aren't laying eggs don't need a high level of calcium in their diet.  However, it is difficult to have two different diets in your coop and make sure that the hens are only eating the feed that they are supposed to be eating.  The hens that are still laying would need the higher calcium layer feed to continue laying eggs.  If all of your hens are molting at about the same time, then it simplifies this process.  You could remove the laying hen feed and provide everyone with Purina Flock Raiser and then provide a supplemental feeder that provides oyster shell to the hens that need it. When the hens have returned to egg production, then you could provide them all with a laying hen feed.

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Thank you for the in put.  We are new at this & appreciate all the help.

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