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Impacted crop!!!!...........???

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i think my hen has an Impacted crop!

she waddles around and tucks her head in and sticks her crop out. her crop feels weird, its squishy and her stomach bone sticks out, she looks very skinny, but i have seen her eat and drink, she could have eaten some hay that I give to the goats.

i have separated her with just water, and from what i'v read she has "some" impacted crop issues. :idunno

treatment? and is it an impacted crop? she has show the symptoms for a couple of months now, i thought it would go away. ( i did not know it was an impacted crop) 


please help! :fl

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Please help I am worried! And I'm not sure what to do.
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Can I give her avacado oil, instead of olive oil?
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