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Quail eggs

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How long after getting eggs should i wait before putting in the incubator thanks in advance
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Some people let em sit a day or so before incubating. I never had any shipped to me just picked some up and always get em home and start incubating
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Mine will not be shipped they will be laid tuesday and i will get them Wednesday of this week
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Ok just have your incubator set up and goin. Put em in when you get em home.
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I collect eggs and set the number I want at the same time so all the chicks are the same age. It's easier for me than having chicks of different ages.  Don't refrigerate hatching eggs, keep them at room temps and turn at least daily until setting  But you can set fresh eggs as soon as they are laid if you want to.

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Thanks for all the help that great
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On day 18 i have 19 quail chics from 26 eggs so far on my first time hatching thanks folks for all the help and answers
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I would suggest until they are room temperature and have a little time to rest with the little end down and big end (air sac) up, for about 4 hrs but not longer than 8.  I don't know all why people suggest doing this, but I have heard that it is to do with the air sac sometimes will burst into the albumen and this gives time to allow it to recollect to the big end of the egg.  My luck with shipped eggs is that if you can see bubbles moving around, the egg is likely not to be any good...but really why not at least try anyhow.  I never really checked if they were able to recollect, I just wait until they have had time to sit out at room temp next to my incubator for about 4 hrs then place into the it to hopefully be firstly fertile, then grow and hatch.

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