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deep infected thigh wound

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About 3 weeks ago I noticed one of my girls limping but didn't have time right then to look at her, the next time I saw her she was doing a lot of sitting  in the yard so I went over to pick her up and she  let me easily. I looked at her foot and leg and when I got to her thigh there was this huge hole in her thigh. I believe while on the perch at night someone decided she was in the way and pecked  this big hole. I separated her from the group, I have her in a bird cage with fresh water and food, and it is easy to take her from the garage to the back yard where she gets to visit with her peeps. the others will come and sit with her occasionally so she is still part of the flock.( I have 11 in all). I started to treat the wound by cleaning it with peroxide/betadine, trimmed feathers ect. after a week of no progress the smell of infection not improving I started with penicillin injections for a week. She is eating and drinking well she seems to be trying to stand more but the hole is so nasty and I have decided to try one last remedy in hopes that I will not lose her (She is a cuckoo maran  and a real good mother, she has mothered 2  batches of chicks) so today I filled her wound with granulated sugar. She has been very good about letting me treat her wound but tonight she didn't care for me turning her every direction trying to make sure the sugar made it to every recess of the wound. I made sure to give her a nice little treat of meal worms after to apologize and she accepted it. I don.t have the heart to put her down so I pray this will work.


If anyone has had any success with sugar please let me know, I could use some encouragement to keep going.

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If you want to heal that wound FAST put RAW HONEY on her wound. Make sure to coat the wound. Raw honey is amazing for open wounds it heals so fast.

Unprocessed, raw honey actually helps heal burns, cuts, scraps and wounds. Its natural antiseptic properties can actually keep wounds clean and stop bacteria from spreading. Because it's a natural antibiotic, it helps reduce swelling, promotes healing and preventions infections in burns.


Please use raw honey if you want to safely save and heal your cuckoo maran hen.

I use raw honey for any wounds on my chickens and it heals so quick.

Hope this helps


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Is you cuckoo maran hen with the wound, the hen with chicks in your avatar picture?

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Have you tried neosporin also. 

Packing the wound and use a qauze pad and vet wrap. 

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That is her in the pic.
I have been irrigating with saline and then packing with gauze after spraying with blukote. I have change the routine so blukote was not applied every day and then decided to go straight to sugar before trying neosporen.I read sugar will absorb moisture and bacteria can't live with or moisture. I read an article earlier that this treatment was used in ancient Egypt for deep infected wounds. If this works what a simple cure it would be. I know doctors use medicinal honey now for diabetic ulcers.
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Keep posting her progress, very interesting.

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I've treated some very horrible wounds with sulphur - I would soak the wound, clean it which will include removing the yucky stuff, and then after you have blowdried her, use nustock (avail on amazon and at southern feed stores), or powdered sulphur also known as yellow flowers of sulphur.  You can find that at garden stores, just make sure it is pure sulfur.


Nustock or sulphur beats the heck out of the antibiotic ointments.  Sulphur was used during the civil war to treat war wounds.  You just sprinkle it on, and it works very well for deep puncture wounds.  It may be too late for you to get it now, but order some or find some anyway because you will need it in the future.


If the wound smells, it is badly infected.


The pure, raw honey is something that would also work well, but it is not the processed honey avail in most grocery stores.  Find a beekeeper, or a natural foods co-op.  Upscale grocery stores sometimes carry it.  It will be labeled "raw".


Good luck!

Today's Forecast:  Happy, with a chance of amazing
Today's Forecast:  Happy, with a chance of amazing
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Today her bandage was moist,all the sugar had disintegrated but the wound bed was not as slimy. I irrigated and packed with sugar far this had made more change in the appearance of the wound bed then everything else I have tried. She's still eating and chatting with her friends when she is outside. Feeling hopeful again.
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