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Dog bit my hen

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My daughters dog bit my chicken has woones on top and on her rear end I don't know what to do or how to dress it so it could heal or if it's infected please help!
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Firstly, I'd suggest cleaning all the areas of broken skin with mild salty water. If you can lay your hands on some iodine (Betadine, for example) then clean the areas with that after irrigating the wounds. 


If the wounds do not smell, they may not be infected, but you should isolate the hen from the rest of the flock and at the very least, give her some vitamin supplements / electrolytes to help boost her immune system (thus helping fight off any secondary infections).


I'm sure the injury experts will be along soon enough to give further advice, but I hope that these "first aid" suggestions help in the meantime.


All the best


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Thanks for the help she is one of the first chicks I got I think I might have hurt the dog but it's my grand daughters dog and the chicken was named after her. REALY APPRECIATE THE HELP smile.png
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