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Proposed laws for Irving Chicken owners

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The city of Irving, TX is proposing changes that will drastically change the way that most chicken owners raise chickens in Irving.  Irving is an old city with a small-town feel.  All of this will change if the city makes these changes.   This will be difficult for many of us who have back-yard chickens. 

Attached are the proposed changes.  Please note that they are also trying to push this through without any comments or voting from the local people.

Local people are asked to contact city councilmen to notify them of the concerns.  Please help flood the local congressmen of concerns and complaints!

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Where can we notify council members??!!

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You can contact the following council members:

John Danish, Place 1, 469-507-9207 

Dennis Webb, Place 3, 972-849-94231

Phil Riddle, Place 4, 469-781-7116

Oscar Ward, Place 5, 469-704-8479

Brad LaMorgese, Place 6, 214-460-1990

Gerald Farris, Place 7, 972-523-0784

Beth VanDuyne, Mayor, (972) 721-2410




I heard there was an online petition started for signatures, but I can't locate that yet.

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