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Split spur and limp in hen

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Hi all,


We've recently noticed our plymouth rock hen runs with a significant limp and favours one leg. We've checked the foot for bumble or infection - no signs of that, but the spur on her sore leg is split down the centre, so I'm guessing that's possibly what's causing her pain.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we should do? Would glueing it back together be a good idea to protect the nerve ending and stop the pain, or would that just potentially seal in any infection?


I'd appreciate any advice.



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Welcome to BYC. Does this hen have a spur? Could you post a picture to better understand what you are seeing? It is possible for a hen to have spurs, but I have never had one. Hopefuly more people will see you picture and respond.

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Thanks, yes the spur that's split is about 1cm long. We will catch her and take a photo.

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