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4 day old peep with a limp.

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Hi,  4 days ago I received 16 chicks which are housed in a large brooder with some small elevated roost sticks. After a couple of days I noticed one Speckled Sussex was less active and stayed by herself quite a bit. That is when I noticed she walked with a severe limp on her right side. She hold her foot up and step on the toes of her foot only.  It is like she has something wrong her leg or her foot, but when I examime her the leg and foot/toes all seem to work without pain.  Any one have any similar experience.  She is able to walk to the food and water and move if necessary, so I am just watching her for the moment. I have heard that weak or injured chicks can be attacked as the flock gets older.  Just wondering.

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Leg and tendon deformities can be common with chicks, and injuries can be another problem. I would start poultry vitamins in the water  right away in case of a riboflavin or other vitamin deficiency. Can you get a picture of her standing?

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I have attempted to attach photo. Contrast has been exaggerated to better see the foot. Notice she does not want to put weight on the foot to make it flat on the ground. All chicks have been on "save a chick" Electrolyte and vitamin supplement since they arrived.

Do you think she will get picked on since she can not move normally - total of 12 other chicks.

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Here is the photo

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Her ankle looks swollen, so she may have an injury. I would leave her with the others as long as she doesn't get trampled. It make is so much easier for both of you. I would make an extra effort to feed and watere her in a quiet part of the brooder near her own food and water, separated by a little screen. 

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Thanks for the advise. She seems to be slightly better today. She can move when necessary. Eats and drinks normally. Just sits alone more than the others.  The brooder is very large and no one bothers her. We'll see what happens. Thanks again.


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