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Paint for coop interiors!

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I am in the process of building our chicken coop and I would like to paint the plywood (all in the name of beauty of course) and am wondering if there is a brand of paint that is better for potential pecking than another or if there is a type of paint that is an absolute no go for chicken areas? I had heard of a paint that deters mites but am having a tough time finding it at any of our local feed stores. Any recommendations or pointers would be very appreciated!!


Thank you so much.

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:thumbsup​I used Latex exterior paint on the inside and the outside of my chicken house. It has done real well.

My chicken house is three years old and going strong, and it's color is Tractor-caterpillar yellow, it's very

bright. I used all different types of wood to build with, old and new, treated posts, plywood, etc. 

I painted all the sides of the cut wood before putting it together. How I know this was OK for the chickens,

is we used the paint on our honey bee boxes. They weathered really good and it helps in a fire situations. 

I did not paint the roosts, I used wood closet poles. They clean real easy. I have not had any mites so far.

I use spray on orange soap straight out of the bottle on to the roosts, nests boxes, walls, every thing, etc.

Good luck

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If you're able, I would prime the wood before painting. It will be harder for the chickens to remove much paint that way. Latex paint is my preference...less toxic if ingested.

I have heard of "roost paint" for mites, but it's not an actual paint. You're basically just applying a liquid insectcide to the roost with a paintbrush.
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To #3 I got the Latex that has primer in it. I have not heard anything about mite resitant paint. Just get a steel brush with a blade on the end to clean off the roost. Scape gently and brush off and spray on orange soap, take paper towel an wipe off, no need to rinse off roost it Smells good too. Leave wet at the ends, in cracks at walls or joints. The orange soap cleans so easy, like I said smells good. I've had three years of no mites. Good Luck
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What orange soap do you use?

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All natural orange soap l picked up at Orchard Hardware Supply's. The Store closed so, l got a new brand name of soap, and it is Zap Citrus at The Home Depot. If you do not have that, try any Natural Food Store they would have it,it's easy to buy. It's probably in your local grocery market. It's main ingredient is Cictrus Oils.☺ Good luck
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I used solid stain on my chicken coop.  It looks like paint.  Used solid stain years ago on a shed and 15 years later it still looks as if it has been newly painted.  Stain makes for good wood protection.  My coop is a grey and this year I'm hoping to add some cream or white stained trim for contrast.  I have no idea how toxic it might be if the chickens would peck on it.  My chickens have never bothered it. 

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Great! Thank you all for your input, I think I will prime and paint the interior of the coop with a latex, low emissions paint and use the orange soap as a cleaner to protect against mites. Chicken Palace here we come ;)

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:cool: On the stain use, it seems to me that it is not a problem. You need to protect your wood, for weather and cleaning and every day use, etc..

What ever product you use I'm sure it will work, and be just fine.  Good Luck. 

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