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Sour crop

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My hen got sour crop and I Flip her up side down and she threw up and I put her in the house and then after she was done I gave her red wine and she doesn't eat that much I focused feed her Greek yogurt! She his more energys and she drinks a lot I just hope she feels better!!
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a little wine makes everyone feel better :lau

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I know lol but how do u know if she is better or getting better
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smell in her beak area while gently pressing on the crop, you can smell if things are better/getting better.


it's usually best to take all food/water away for at least 12 hours, after 12 hours only give clear water (no additives just water), then return feed after 24 hours (if the crop emptied).   feed a mix of boiled eggs and add in a little plain yogurt.

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