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Chicken acting really strange

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My almost 1 year old is acting strange.
She was fine this morning when I left for work. When I came home I found her laying in the run. At first I thought she was dust bathing or sunning but she never moved as I approached her.
When i picked her up she still did not move.
She is a good weight, not skinny, no discharge of any kind. Not lethargic she was alert and wanting to move but couldn't. So first thing I did was check her legs and feet for broken bones cuts, humble foot anything. And nothing all looked good. So I put her down and she immediately fell. I pick her up and pysicallh placed her legs under her and she ran off..... (head scratching) so I caught her again and started feeling for anything that might be tangled in her feathers or wings Just to double check and that's when I felt her craw. And it was very full and protuding. I have never had a chick with craw impaction but I thought maybe this was making her act funny so I started to massage her craw.after a few min she took off with the others like nothing was wrong.
A couple hours later I find her down again after dark. So I carry her over the the quarantine area and place her in the ground. She just lays there Soho go and get feed and come back and she is up and running around again. I went ahead and out her in the quarantine pen and she falls again. I get her feet back under her and she walks over and hops up on the roost. This is really a head scratcher for me. It's like her legs are weak or she doesn't think she can or she really can't move them under her Or something.
Any advise appreachiated!
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Im having this same problem right now with my Silkie rooster. Only he's 5 and I should probably expecting him to have issues at that age. sad.png
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sad.png I just did some Google research and This is what I have found so far and it actually makes sense.

Impacted crop:
Useually cause by a blade of grass or straw etc that gets stuck in the crop blocking the way into the stomach.
Depending on how long they have had impaction it can make them weak and unbalanced because they are not getting any food or nutrition into there actual system.

Ways to tell that they might have impaction.
* acting like they keep swallowing air or make vomit like behavior.
* get skinny or loose weight
* and if the crop fills extra full or swollen.
*and if it still fills extra full or swollen in the morning.
(chcickens full there crop all day and then slowly digest it over night and wake up to a empty crop.)
So this is the best way to tell for sure.

Tretment options:
*massage the crop downward.
* hold the chicken like a foot ball and face the chcicken downward and try to massage the crop upward and get them to throw careful and only do this a few times and for only a few seconds at a time.
*don't feed them for 24 hours or until the swollen full crop has gone.
*when you do feed them give them scrambled eggs coated in olive oil.
*or give them bread coated in olive oil

If non of these work then there are home surgery options and vet surgery options but I have not found out anything related to that.

This makes sense for much an because by not being able to digest her food it could be making her weak.

I don't know we will see. I'm trying all of the above treatments on her and her crop was very full and swollen and it's been only a few hours and it has decreased in size already. In the morning I'm giving her scrambled eggs coated in olive oil.

It wouldn't just to try this on your guy.
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I have done more research and it has lead me to consider the following. This might Help you with silkie roo.
*moldy feed or hay

No treatment

You can ad them with vitemins, and a molasses flush. If they survive the first 48 hours they will likely survive and recover.

Moldy hay:
Molases flush and good qauikty feed
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I'll definitely tell my mom about this tomorrow! What vitamins in particular?
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Vitamin A,and E is good for healing and B is good for walking issues and nerves.
At least that's what I read.
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I read that poly-vi-sol infant multivitamin I the way to go when treating chicks or adults birds. They say just out a few drops on the side of the beak and let it run into the mouth daily for a few days
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