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injured chick?

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I have 26 chicks. This one seems like it's on the bottom of the pecking order and tonight I found this.

It's eating, drinking and pooping. I separated it for the night at least.

Thoughts? These are my first chicks they'll be 3 weeks Wednesday.

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any time you have a chick with blood every chick that sees the blood spot is going to peck at it, just put a little ointment on the wound and keep it separated till it has cleared up.

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Happy to report that the separated chick looks better this morning. Ate the food I gave it and the area is no longer red though there is still the cut. Put some ointment and will keep it separate until it's healed.
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You should keep food and clean water available to the chicks at all times. Good luck!!
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They all do have food and water. I meant it clearly ate. It didn't run out of food.
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Sad to report that I came home to a dead chick.

Do the other birds know when one is weak?

I see no signs of pecking on any other chicks.
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Sorry about your loss. Did they peck her more? Was her crop full and hard at all? Watch for any weak chicks that look hunched, sleepy, stop eating, and have diarrhea in case of coccidiosis.

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She was separated so no further pecking. I didn't check her crop. The rest seem fine but I will keep an eye out.
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