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Back story. We had a house fire in October. A family member took 15 hens and a rooster. We were on the other side of the county from them. They were kept in a coop, a barn loft, no outside access. The family member was elderly and was feeding them ground corn only and I don't think they were getting enough water. They were all lighter when we got them back two weeks ago. We have had then back 9 days they are Ina run with lots of fresh water and free ranging too. 8 of them were hatched last May. But we are getting no eggs. Combs were light red/ pink when we got them back but they are red now. What are your opinions?
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So sorry for the devastation  of your home.. :(

Your family member that took care of them........ DID THE BEST THEY COULD :):hugs

Now that you have the chickens back, all things will slowly get back on track. ..  I understand that corn only is definitely not complete nutrition,    But they lived thru it. :thumbsup


Start feeding them  17 % protein feed (some feed is 16% and some is 18%)   I don't think it is extremely critical  .. And when they start laying, then you can switch to layer feed.  

Since you have a rooster among the crowd, you may choose to feed a Alflock feed that is 2% calcium, and supplement  with cracked oyster shells free choice. ..   Layer feed is not likely to finish off your rooster all that quick, but you get the idea.   Better not to give the 4% calcium if it may be detrimental..



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Thanks!!!!! That's what I was thinking just wanting other opinions.
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