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You're the one who said you had bears. In a case of bear vs. dog crate, the bear will win. Bears can rip into far stronger structures with ease. Just because no predator got your pigeons last time doesn't mean they won't get them this time. I drive my car all the time and have never gotten into an accident. That doesn't mean I never will. Driving a car is risky. So is keeping your birds in a dog crate when you have bears, coyotes, and coons about.

My point is a valid one so, yes, I will argue it. If you don't want to accept my opinion then don't.
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I'm frustrated about the situation as raising birds are my only source of income and in a bad mood because I'm arguing with my dad. I apologize if I'm not being very grateful. I appreciate your advice. I just don't want to get into a debate if that's ok.
I don't think bears could get through the crate, it's actually made of strong steel bars. It's stronger than the coop they're in now. I've had bears last year, too, and they were more interested in eating the food than the chickens themselves. I'm more worried about foxes digging underneath. But I can't cover the bottom, because then it won't be a chicken tractor. So really the only thing I can do is secure it the best I can, reinforce it with hardware cloth, just keep the windows open and shoot any predators I hear, and during the night put the birds in the coop. I'll get some Guineas or peacocks to alert me to predators. That's really all that can be done right now. I'm going to lock up the coops with some chains and padlocks in case the lock picking cat comes back. I'm considering other options, too, like the kennel runs you mentioned. But I don't have any money left, so I'll have to just take it a day at a time and see what works. Thanks for the help.
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I'd like to reiterate my thanks to you all for your suggestions, including you, TalkALittle, and cavemanrich. And you have my word that Ill do my very best to keep my chickens as safe as I can, and if I do put my rooster in the cage, I will keep a close watch out for any predators that may try to break in so I can prevent it.
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Update: I have some money to work with now, so I'm going to be having somebody custom build a chicken tractor for me. smile.png
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Yay! Glad things worked out for you.
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Yes, ill post a picture of the tractor after its finished =)
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