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Lordy Lordy What Day Am I At ?!?!?!?

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Well Miss Sweetpea took to a nest box and decided she was going to make babies .....


I dont know what I was drinking ... errr thinking I didnt mark the darn eggs.


Now she has 4 babies, that took about 3.5 days to hatch from first to last, she is now fed up with waiting and has left the nest.


I grabbed the 9 remaining eggs and did a float test - I had 2 rocking-and-a-rolling and one just bearly moving.


My problem is I dont have a clue where in the baking process these eggs are. I tried candling but they are very dence and I could only see a large air sac.


I have made up a makeshift incubator and I have it at 37.5C humidity is around 80%. Now the big question as I have never incubated before but have read eggs get turned 3x a day and then after day 18 they stand firm .... I dont have a clue where these eggs re at - what my best option on this ... ?

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With a large air cell I would think they are towards the end of incubation and will not need to be turned. Turning is only necessary really for the first 14 days. By 14 days the chicks should be pretty much fully developed with all their parts in the right place.

Good job on getting an incubator rigged up and running. Good luck and fingers crossed you have some hatchers from theses eggs fl.gif
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Just checked on them and I can hear loud cheerps from 2 of the 3 eggs ... so when do you start to her cheerping ?
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Usually around day 19-20 they can be heard peeping from the egg. They have internally pipped so they underway with their hatching process clap.gif
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Update: Well early yesterday morning there were still loud peeps and the chick had started to pip through ... being a good patient expectant peoples I left it alone ... went in to check as I do every 2 hrs as the spot I have them in is VERY make-shift and I need to monitor it closely I couldnt heal and peeps ...and no more pipping had happened. I waited till early evening and took the egg out .. the outside of the egg was warm but I could tell the chick was dead inside, there was a coolness radiating from it ....


The other 2 eggs weren't peeping at all (I had thought 2 were but it was only the one), anyway I just left them and kept monitoring but my hopes had died along with that chick.


I convinced myself to do a float test, again as Im using a light beside my bed to keep them war with, and if I dont have to have it on all night I'd like to know. Well blow me down they were both moving in the water. Looks like another night with the bloody light on ...


So this morning Im questioning if I really did see movement in the float test, and I use my phone to candle ... one is very dark and I can see a rhythmic heartbeat, the other is not as densely dark I can see more

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I have been given a real incubator ... thank goodness cause this is taking a lot longer then I fist thought it was .... checking on these eggs every 2 hrs - every 2 hrs was killing me ...


The old  .... and the new ... dont know why Im up at 2 am checking on them, cant bloody well see in the new dam-fangled thing, its driving me crazy !!!!!




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I had one die after the first pip it never really made and external hole, on these two I assisted by making sure they had a small air hole after about 12 hrs of not progressing past that first raised cracked/lump pip.


Each chick was about 24 hrs behind the other, they stood no chance of Miss Sweetpea bringing these last few out.


At least I now have two so no one is alone.

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