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Wry neck in a pullet?

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This Buff Americauna pullet is eleven months old and has not begun to lay. She has a small, dry vent. She has never roosted more than a foot high off of the ground and currently she is fond of a cinderblock on the floor of the coop. I'm sorry for the dark video but I was in the coop beside hers at night, and she begun having episodes. I'm also sorry for all the dust in the coop I had just ticked off my rooster and he kicked up a lot of debris. I've been giving her vitamin E and Selenium for about four days now. Any thoughts on diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis are welcome.

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Welcome to BYC. The video is pretty dark, but she definitely shows some imbalance with her wry neck symptoms. Wry neck is a symptom of something affecting the brain, such as a vitamin deficiency, a head or neck injury, and many diseases can also cause this including Mareks. If she seems happy in the coop with others, it's probably good to leave her there. Make sure that she is eating and drinking well enough. Poultry Nutri-drench or Poultry Cell vitamins contain the selenium and E, plus other good things, and if you give it to her orally 2-3 ml once a day, you won't have to worry if she is getting enough. Make sure that your feed is fresh dated so that vitamins don't leech out. Here are some good articles and threads to read:

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Hi Eggcessive! Long time lurker (six years?) and yes, it took this girl to get me to make an account. Again, so sorry for the low light in the video. She has always been at the bottom of the hierarchy in the flock. I do note scabs on her comb, I know she gets put in her place. Do you think a peck could be sufficient for a head injury? I got her from a breeder and I'm uncertain of her vaccination history. I suspect she was vaccinated for Marek's.


She is content in the coop she is in. She can see them and touch them but they are divided by hex chicken wire. (the only place I use the stuff)


I'm currently doing Selenium and Vitamin E twice a day. If the Nutri Drench contains both ingredients I'd LOVE to only have to pester her for medication administration once a day. Thank you!

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