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White Silkie Roos

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I hate to feed into the rooster problem but we have two silkie Roos that have to go. They need their own flocks, they are causing too much trouble here.

They were bought from mypetchicken, not from show stock.
Vanilla Bean is the better of the two, he can be picked up rather easily. He doesn't crow too much here, but he is the omega among the Roos. He is bearded.
Shinzo is a the worse of the two. He fights our Wellie only when Clucka is mounting a hen (but never a proper fight). He is nonbearded. He doesn't like to be held too much.
We are in CT and would rather not ship them.

If no one wants them.... We will have to resort to other, less desirable means..
Easy? No. But for the good of the flock we will.
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Where is CT? China town?
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Originally Posted by yellowblack View Post

Where is CT? China town?

Very funny. And and not at all stereotypical...

But I guess I did set myself up for it didn't I?
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