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Dog breeds!

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This thread is for anyone out there who wants to show off their dog(s)! Any breed! Post pics!!!

This is my American Bully, Axl  :ya

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I have 3 poodles and a poodle ****-zhu mix. I'll post pictures later

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Borzoi :fl

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My babies brother sister american bull dogd
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Hi, I've been lurking and finally joined. Found this thread so here goes.

I have had Whippets since 1988
Current two are Cara who is almost 10yrs and Angelina who is 10months old.

Cara has several titles for Lure Coursing.
She is
MBIF FC Flying Falconet of Coursair FCh MC

Cara in Blue , my other girl Misty was in Pink (sadly passed away at 8 yrs)
Cara now

Angelina has her first points in the show ring and is training for straight racing and lure coursing.
The day I got her at 4mo


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Coursair, thanks so much for your post! I love whippets, their cool dogs. 

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Angelina got to go to Race practice today



I also ran my friend's Borzoi as well as helping release about 8 other dogs.


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