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Hey everyone I'm new to the chicken world and my interest has only grown more since I have gotten my first bunch but running into our first issue so far with one of the Hens... I have 1 rooster and 4 hens (all almost a year old - grew up together). I have noticed for a while now one of the Hens has always been kind of a "loner" doesn't hang with the flock and just does her own thing.  They have always been free ranged spoiled happy hens.  This past week I've had to separate her because she has been getting attacked mostly by the rooster and on occasion even a Hen will chime in on pecking her.  She has not been laying most of this winter (living far north in NY). She also is not moving a whole lot, very lethargic on occasion and has been discharging this white milky substance.  Today I went out with her and let her roam around the yard which she did for a short while until the rooster went after her again which i had to separate.  After that she immediately stopped venturing around and just sat there with her eyes closing. Is this bullying or possibly sick?  Again, new to this world but something is definitely off... She's been in her own pen for a week now with special treatment and when she seems to be more vibrant I attempt to let her mingle which has been a fail now both tries. (note - the other hens seem to be ok with her)

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She is sick, it sounds like vent gleet, if there is white discharge, you could give her a wash and put some monastat on her vent.

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Welcome to BYC. That is too few of hens for one rooster, and she may have been resisting his attempts to mate her. She also may be sick, since she is passing a lot of urates or uric acid in her droppings. I would cage her inside the coop with food and water for her safety. Then, give her vitamins with electrolytes and probiotics to see if she will start eating better. Try giving her a bit of egg or tuna with her feed. If she doesn't perk up, then I would try to get her seen by a vet. Kidney or reproductive disorders can be common. I would either remove the rooster or get a few more hens so that you have a better ratio, or you may have some bare back or injured hens. 

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so tried a nice warm bath (which she seem to love!) she got lots of spoiling love and applied the monistat.  Thanks for your input! :)

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she seems to be eating/drinking just fine.. we have an order of 6 more hens for the spring so helpfully when they are all ready to mingle everything will pan out.  she seems to be eating/drinkng good so far.. we'll get some vitamins and take it step by step.  Thank you for your response. 

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