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Emergency Help Please

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So I have 10 total chicks that have hatched. One hatched today about 8 hours ago. I noticed that it seemed to have trouble walking in the incubator so I took it out and inspected it an then stuck it in the brooder. It seems to have trouble walking, is breathing slightly harder than the other chicks (not panting), and seems weak. Is this just cause it's a new chick or is something wrong? Please help!

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It may just be that it's only been hatched for 8 hours and has not quite gained its full strength after hatching which is a very hard process for them. Was it late to hatch compared to your others?

I'm afraid if it was quite late to hatch it may just be a weak chick. These things can happen as not all chicks hatch healthy. Have you dipped its beak in the water and encouraged it to eat? Some sava a chick or similar in the water can help.

Good luck with your chicks fl.gif
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