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They can go outside when they are fully feathered as long as you've given the proper time to acclamate to the temperatures outside. You can use a dog house if it is predator proof.
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oh lol milk jug wont work as i cut holes to big and they went for a swim... i am doing the whip cream now... but cut holes big and can only make 3 and i have 4 ducks.... 

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i plan to fence it in (dog house ) and let them out when we are home? will they willingly go back at night? we have a pond i would love for them to swim in! Can a plastic house work? I am worried about the light in winter inside 

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sooooooo how do i know they are full feathered? i will just know?

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A light in a plastic house? Not sure what you mean by that. You'll want to find out what kinds of predators are in your area so you know what safe guards you need to put in place.

They normally feather out between 4 and 6 weeks.
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I mean the house I want to use is hard plastic and I am worried about a heat lamp inside on super cold days ! I plan to
Pen them in with fence dug into the ground with a top
On it :
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Your fence plan sounds good. I don't use a heat lamp for my ducks. They should do fine as long as they have a place to get out of the wind. One problem with heat lamps is the ducks can't acclimate to the cold properly. There is also a fire danger. It would probably be lower in a plastic house but if you use straw or wood shavings the danger is still there.
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Good to know! So no
Lamp even if -25!??? I am in central ny! It's brutal ? And I better ask way more questions up
In here as I want my babies to live long and strong! I want to let them free range during day and pen at night or when they can't be watched! I have a wonderful pond ( can't be fenced in too big) I want them to use!
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I've read that they are okay to -40 but we don't get below zero here much. Maybe you could find the thread for your state in the Where am I? Where are you? section and ask those folks about their winter routine.
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