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Sick chick?

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There is a video link to show what is wrong with it. If you wait until I pick it up you can really see the problem. It won't stop swaying its head back and fourth. I got the chick yesterday in an order from Cackle, it is a Welsummer.
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Welcome to BYC. This looks neurological possibly from a vitamin deficiency or head injury. It is called encephalomalacia or wry neck\crook neck. I would get some Poultry Nutri-drench or Poultry Cell  vitamins at TSC or another farm store, and give it 1 ml by mouth every day. You can divide the dose in half if you want twice a day, but make sure the chick is drinking well. Dip it's beak into water to help if get enough. Vitamin E and selenium are the important vitamins and minerals, and not are in the two medicines above. Let us know what happens.

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