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this is new to me

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I haven't worked with such things before.  I got an email, clicked on the link thinking I could maybe pick up something on what I could do to get my chickens to eat their layer pellets.  I have been giving them oats and they liked that for a while.  They still like wild bird feed.  Bark butter they love but the price is crazy and I am not sure that it is all that good for them.  I saw somewhere where one could spray some sort of oil or liquid on the layer feed and they would then like and eat it?

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Hens can be picky can't they. :)  You can try holding off all food but Layer for the morning and see what they do about it, you could try a different brand, you could try crumble instead of pellets. I'm not sure what the spray is, but if someone else knows about it I hope they let you know.

Seeds, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and insects are all great additions to a layer diet, so in small amounts that's alright, just make sure they aren't picking around the good stuff. Offer some calcium in the form of oyster shell so that you know they are getting enough calcium to form eggs.


Bark Butter is tasty for birds, but it isn't that healthy a staple so feeding it daily probably shouldn't be done. However, giving it as a weekly treat is okay.


I hope this helps.  Best of luck! :thumbsup

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My hens will ignore everything but the layer crumbles
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What is bark butter?

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Originally Posted by limited25 View Post

What is bark butter?


Its made to attract wild birds to come and feed at bird feeders. :)

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