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coop from tractor supply

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I'm a brand new chicken owner. I'll be getting 3-4 babies this upcoming week. Will this coop work for housing them? This will be located in a bigger run inside my actual yard. They're going to be laying hens. Thanks
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It may be more cost effective to purchase one hand made off of craigslist or on a backyard chickens of your state on Facebook. The pre fabricated ones will not hold up as well and may be more cramped than you'd like when it comes to cleaning up after the hens.

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If it changes anything, it'll be in the corner of my yard surrounded by solid fence and a metal building. There won't be much wind or anything hitting it.
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They have that exact model in a TSC near me, it is very lightweight. It's nice looking but I'm not sure it would make it longer that 2 years out in the elements but it'd sure work in a pinch.
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not all prefab coops are bad, some are even pretty cute, I have a Prefab Coop in my back yard, But i'v also Put mine in a big enclosure with extra perches for them to perch outside the coop in the summer, I used to have a hand made coop, but over time it too broke down, so far iv had my store bought or "prefab" coop for a little over a year and its totally fine. Although Iv havent heard the best things from precision pet, that their wood is thin and not super durable. Do you plan to free range? or perhaps upgrade in the future? is there something about this particular coop that you like or is it just a good price for the time being and you need something quick?

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do you plan to ever add more to your flock?

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I'm getting 3-4 babies. So hopefully they all live and that's all I'll have. I'm hoping to keep the coop in a run. So in the summer and nice days they can be loose. If I'm outside they'll have access to my whole yard. I'm liking the build of it (the tray, Windows to open, easy access to eggs) and that it is cheaper. I would like it to last a couple years. Once were started we will be willing to do upgrades but since I'm just beginning I wanted some prefab
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I've checked craigslist and all the swap pages. They're all big and/or cost a LOT $400 to thousand. I probably won't add extras unless I move, and then that'll be a different place. If I do buy this one I'm going to inspect it at tractor supply.
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I'm not sure if my stuff is posting or not... I don't plan on having more than 3-4 chickens ever in this location. It'll be inside a bigger run so they won't LIVE in this prefab. I like the design of it and that it is less expensive. Especially since I'm just starting.
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If you live in an area where the chickens might occasionally have to get shut into the coop for days at a time due to inclement weather, this coop is much too small for four standard sized birds. Bored chickens without enough space tend to do each other damage.
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