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Very sick chicken

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I am new to chicken keeping.  We bought 7 hens near the end of January.  We were told they were approx. 2 years old. Do not know any history on them. All were very thin.  All but one is starting to gain some weight.  One comet has been sick for a couple of weeks now. At first I noticed she just stood around with tail down and kind of hunched up. Saw a picture of what a sick chicken looked like, and that was her.  After much reading and research I did an exam.  Vent, crop, nose, eyes clear, nothing in her mouth.  Can find no injury.  I wormed her.  Her poop has been yellow.  She was eating small amounts.  She has stopped eating as of 3 days ago. Up until yesterday she was drinking water.  I noticed that she makes sounds sort of like gurgling and her crop was very squishy, like liquid filled.  After reading and following instructions I made her vomit.  Making sure that I did not hold her head down for more than 2 seconds.  Only liquid was expelled and no smell to it.  Yesterday and today I syringe fed her about 1 cc of water with probiotics and electrolytes.  She either just stands hunkered down with tail down and eyes closed or lays with eyes closed.  At times she moves head as if trying to dislodge something but I can not feel anything stuck.  She is just wasting away.  Is there anything I can do that I have not tried? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 

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I'm not sure if this is what you're describing but it might be. Check out what this link says about Cocciudos. hope you can click it and it works
Chicka Chicka
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Look up if it's Coccidiosis.
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Thanks for the reply. I had already checked this out, but checked again.  She has not had diarrhea and there has been no blood is poop. I used to work with a wildlife rehab and am very familiar with the dangers of blood in poop.  I am wondering if maybe she doesn't have a cancer somewhere.  I will continue to keep her inside, warm and quiet and with the supportive care I have been doing. If there is anything else I can do to keep her comfortable please let me know.  Am I doing the correct thing by syringe feeding her the probiotics and electrolytes?  I can not said for certain, but I do not think these ladies had the best of care before we got them.  I am getting 3-4 eggs daily from the 7 hens. I don't care if I get another egg, will continue to care for and enjoy watching them each day gaining their weight back and being happy hens.

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Chicka Chicka,  I have been doing more research and was reading info from Fresh Eggs Daily and other sites regarding treatment for Coccidiosis.  My husband reminded me that I have been using an essential oil blend call Chicky Wicky from Dr. Melissa Shelton.  This blend was created for birds and chickens and some of the things it treats is coccidiosis and giardia.  I have been adding this to their water for at least 3 weeks now.  I am keeping a close eye on the rest of the ladies for any signs of illness, but so far they are doing good.  When we brought them home they all had pretty bad poop but after about a week most was pretty normal.  It wasn't until I brought the sick girl in that I saw her poop.  It blends into the straw.  I have not seen any blood however.  I will keep up my search.  Thanks again for your reply earlier.

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Were they free range or confined? If free range, consider she may have ingested something such as gum cigarette butt or other undigestable item
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They have been confined for sure since 1/19/16 and I am pretty sure they were also before we got them. 

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It's possible that she may have an infection you might try an injectable antibiotic. Don't forget to use the probiotics. Antibiotics kills all bacteria good and bad.
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If it is at all possible take her to the vet and do a blood panel. It will reveal a lot and tell you your next best steps. If chickens are like other animals if you deworm and they are severly infested, the large amount of killed parasites may block veins etc.. Causing serious bloodflow and impactions and making then sick. Another thing to consider if she was infested with parasites even mites and lice, she may be anemic and the lack of red blood cells are vital to carrying nutrients and oxygen to the body. If that's the problem the body pulls the remaining blood to the main organs trying to keep the body alive leaving the animal weak and sickly dropping the imune system and opens the doors for other pathogens. Blood work will tell that immediately with the CBC (complete blood count). If I wrong anywhere please someone step up and correct me. O don't want to mislead with wrong info and cost her a life.
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I am already giving her probiotics.  Where do I get the injectable antibiotics?  Tractor supply?  What kind? Where do you give it? Is it SQ or in the muscle?  I have given shots to squirrels, raccoons, opossums, dogs and cats but not birds or chickens.  I don't think she has much muscle left so hope it is SQ. I have given her oral antibiotics for 3 days now.  It is what the feed store recommended, however, it is for respiratory so I have a feeling it is not the correct one. Thanks for the advise.  It is about 40 miles to tractor supply, I am heading that way today so if I hear back before I have to leave will give that a try.  I am just afraid it may be too late.  Each morning when I uncover her crate I am afraid of what I will find. 

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