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Sick Bird - Strange Symptoms

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Hoping for some feedback on my seemingly sick chicken!


For the past two weeks my Ameraucana hen (approx 1 year old) has been wheezing terribly. She wheezes all day and all night, and coughs every few minutes.


The strangeness: She has NO discharge from eye or nose, nothing strange around her vent, is still laying daily eggs, is NOT droopy, lethargic or sickly in any way, and seems to be as happy and energetic as ever. 


I've got her separated from the other hens, and no one else seems to be exhibiting similar symptoms.


Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Maybe she could have a small lung infection? If it's possible take her to the vet but if not just keep a really close eye on her and if it gets worse then seriously consider a vet for antibiotics. I hope this helps!


6 Chickens!!  Silkie, 2 mutts, 2 Seabrights, and a Easter Egger


I <3 them all :P..... FIRST EGG 1/16/12 from Rosie.






6 Chickens!!  Silkie, 2 mutts, 2 Seabrights, and a Easter Egger


I <3 them all :P..... FIRST EGG 1/16/12 from Rosie.




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Hi, here's a response i wrote a month or so back to another member experiencing similar problems. It's hardly a scholarly article but I hope that it may help a little...



There are a number of schools of thought on what to do - I'm sure there may be others BTW

1. Take your chicken to the vet and go from there

2. Dose the whole flock with broad spectrum antibiotics or if you can get one that is for respiratory infections then all the better (they will not kill a virus, but can help stop secondary infections)

3. Give the flock vitamins / electrolytes in their water to help give their immune system a boost and see how they go.


Theres no reason not to begin on the vitamins ASAP.


Some respiratory infections are only as harmful as humans getting a cold, others a lot more serious. Assuming your flock survive and get over the illness, bear in mind that they may be carriers of the illness for life and will pass it to new flock members. It would be unwise to sell or give any of your flock to other chicken keepers in the future. 


Its almost impossible to diagnose exactly what respiratory problem it is without a vet's expertise, but ultimately, the methods / options of dealing with them remain the same (sans vet)


All the best 


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since the amuricana has been sick for two weeks I don't believe its a cold BUT it could just be asthma

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strange that theres no discharge

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do you have any pics?:/

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