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Rabbit hutches!

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Hello! I am new in BYC and am looking for rabbit hutch ideas. More looking towards multiple rabbit hutches. Anybody got any ideas?
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I did one today. Get an old wardrobe or cupboard, then cut a hole in the door and cover it with wire. Job is done. Cost is nothing. I did use a fridge shelf (the grill type) this time instead of wire.


looks like this but not as much work





worried about winter ? build their burrow in a fridge, job done. Costs less than nothing.


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Omg! What a clever idea! It looks great! Lucky birds
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yep, if you want to build  wooden box with a door in it, starting with a wooden box that has a door in it is a great start. It's hilarious what you can come up with when you put your mind to the task of avoiding work for yourself.


People try to get rid off furniture and whitegoods all the time, they pay for other people to take it away. Some places you have to pay to dump it. So a free drop off at your house is a godsend to many people. too easy 8^)


To build a well insulted hutch with a lovely easy access door, yeah, a fridge is the place to start. Hilariously smart.

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